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Davora Tours Organising your visit As an established company in Romania with over 18 years of experience, we offer you a first-class service. Whether you intend to purchase a property, explore business opportunities, or wish to soak up the amazing culture of the country, travelling to a new country where you don’t know the language, or the customs can be daunting. For your stay in Romania, we can offer you an airport service, hotel bookings, a guide to show you the area, & a wider range of services to include professional property consultation, lawyers, & accountants.  Our customer service program includes Pre-visit discussion to define your budget, requirements, location advice & project planning. • Organising your visit including hotel bookings, airport collection service & entertainment/sightseeing      advice. • Property package for your visit according to your needs. • Guided tours to your selected locations & advice on the location. • English speaking guide to help you navigate the whole process. • English-speaking professionally qualified lawyer & accountant. • Processing of legal papers with full transparency & explanation. If you have an idea or require advice on running a business in Romania please do get in touch.
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