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A multi-disciplined Construction Consultancy with a diverse skill base offering a fully managed service to its varied client portfolio. Industry experience, commitment, proven results.... you wouldn’t expect anything less to help see you through your project.                                             Davora has the experience your project deserves 

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                                  Condition Surveys & Assessments.                              Davora has a wealth of                              experience & our team                               are very conscientious.                              We will discuss your                               requirements & ensure                                you get the right survey for                              your needs.                                                                   Property Inspections                                     Clear, Concise Comprehensive!
                                     We will work in a collaborative way                                    to ensure your expectations                                     are met as we understand that                                  delays cost money.                                     Given the multi-faceted nature                                     of construction, integration is the                                 name of the game.                                                                       Who you choose to have on your                                     team will be crucial to its success.                                                                        We have the proven expertise &                                     ability to provide seamless                                     integration solutions for your                                    construction project.  
 Plan to succeed. With some thoughtful planning you can ensure your project’s success before it begins. From establishing scope & viability, to budget,schedule & team requirements, to process implementation & ongoing evaluation, we can help tailor a  plan for your specific project needs. Using the appropriate strategies will help you save time & money. From concept to completion, we’ll help you develop a plan you can build on!

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  We provide a fully managed service adapted to individual client needs  We understand that effective communication is a key to success We are a motivated, enthusiastic & well managed company We are flexible & reliable; there when you need us
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